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The conference will address the following broad themes in the context of the Ottoman Empire and its aftermath:

- The Origins of WWI
- The Ottoman Road to War
- The European Powers and WWI
- War Plans in Eastern Europe
- Balkans before and during WWI
- First World War, International System and the Major Powers
- Reshaping Balkan region?
- What were the major characteristics of the balance of power during the WWI?
- WWI and religion, race, or ideology
- Key factors and principles in the international system leading up to WWI
- Great powers policy in the Balkans during the WWI
- Legacies of the Balkan Wars (1912-1913) and WWI
- WWI in Balkan Historiographies
- Political and military perspectives
- Global perspectives
- Social (cultural and religious) perspectives
- The role of global actors
- The role of the Ottoman State
- Economic and financial aspects of the war
- National movements