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  1. The main text should be written in Times New Roman 12 fonts, single spaced with space of 6 between paragraphs.
  2. The title should be capitalized, 16 fonts and centered.
  3. A single paragraph abstract is needed for abstract.
  4. Main headings should be in 14 fonts and bold. Subheadings should be 12 fonts, bold and italic.
  5. The reference section should be provided at theend.
  6. Your name, affiliation and e-mail address should be right after the title, bold and centered.
  7. VERY IMPORTANT: All papers should be written in ENGLISH and should not exceed 10000 words as this book will be published internationally.



  1. Organizers of the conference welcome online submissions written in English and Turkish languages that are closely related to the areas specified in the call for papers.
  2. Abstract should not exceed 300 words and it must clearly indicate the problem, objectives, research methods, results and conclusions.
  3. Please take note that only online submissions, thus filling in the Abstract Submission Form, will be accepted and all abstracts sent by email, fax or post will not be considered.
  4. Submitted abstracts must fit online format that doesn't register long abstracts and abstracts that include graphics and tables.
  5. Authors are also advised to proofread their abstracts because abstracts will be reproduced from the online submission. Any error in spelling, grammar or data will appear online or in print.
  6. Authors of the submitted abstracts for presentation must also make separate registration for the conference by filling in the Registration Form.
  7. Submission of abstracts doesn't include official registration for the conference. If the abstract is submitted by two authors, both of them must make the official registration.